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About Us

Funky Fresh Radio stands as an integral part of the vibrant Boston Hip Hop community. With a rich history spanning three decades, we have been deeply immersed in the hip hop world, making a significant impact. Under the leadership of Rustin Pendleton, fondly known as "Rusty the Toe Jammer" and now as "Mr. Funky Fresh," our mission is to continuously reshape the New England music scene. Starting from the days of Funky Fresh Records, transitioning to hosting Funky Fresh Radio on Touch FM 106.1, and later hosting on THE URBAN HEAT 98.1 FM as a platform for "Music Industry Education 101," we have now become New England's very own radio station solely dedicated to Boston Hip Hop—Funky Fresh Radio.


Consistency has been our hallmark, as we consistently prioritize New England Hip Hop. There's no need to seek out another radio station when we are here, ready to showcase the finest New England music and bring the most talented artists to the forefront of the mainstream. Choose Funky Fresh Radio and experience the essence of Boston Hip Hop at its best.

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